Who are Norse Feedback?

Norse Feedback is the commercial company that develops, markets and implement the Norse-technology. Our team consists of researchers, advisors, practicing clinicians, technology- and implementation specialists. Norse is a digital platform with high user friendliness.

The Norse Method is developed by Christian Moltu (Ph.D) and Samuel Nordberg (Ph. D). Christian and Samuel, together with Incubator Vestland (on behalf of Førde Hospital Trust) are the majority owners in the company.

Who uses Norse Mental Health & Substance Use?

Norse Mental Health & Substance Use is currently in use by public health services, hospitals, general practicioners, private and student health services.

Why choose Norse Feedback?

Norse have developed the worlds first dynamic feedback tool. The company was prominently mentioned by the Norwegian Minister of Health in the annual hospital speech 2018 and received the 2019 Innovation Award from the Norway Regional Health Authority.

Norse have been developed through an extensive research program, financed with over 40MNOK, investigating which needs clinicians and patients have in treatment processes, and how a feedback system can assist in meeting these needs. Through development, clinicians and patients have defined which processes that prevents or promotes treatment. In order to achieve this, over a number of possible processes and conditions, Norse actively learns and adapts to the individual patients feedback and is the only tool that does this.

Research results and feedback from patients and mental health care personnel that have used Norse have been exemplary.