Norse Feedback in the COVID-19 situation

Norse Feedback is a dynamic feedback tool that adapts to the individual.

The system is developed based on patients and practitioners needs. It’s a digital system, and learns from the patient responses so that the later assessments after a screening, will be individually personalized going forward.

The system has a high focus on user friendliness and data security. It’s already in use by public and private health organizations today.

It’s possible to make Norse Mental Health and Substance Use available to those that want it in this current pandemic situation.

Norse can quickly be made available for practitioners, therapists and patients. Patients can monitor themselves and clinics can assist and see how it’s going with the patients.

This can be helpful especially in a situation where monitoring has to be done remotely, rather than using in person meetings.

This system can alert and give information to practitioners as to who’s having a difficult time or have risk factors showing in their responses.

Given that it’s a difficult situation to manage, this can help avoid anyone slipping through the cracks and make sure everyone gets treatment and care.

Especially those that might need it the most.

     Christian Moltu

Christian Moltu

Professor II
Head of Psychology, Ph.D,
Psychiatric clinic, Førde Hospital Trust
Norse Feedback contributes to secure continuity and quality in patient care for people struggling with their mental health.

  • NF can be made available in 2 weeks for any mental health related personnel that has a need for assessing and monitoring patients
  • NF can greatly reduce the need for on site consultations and increases the professional quality of phone and video consultations.
  • NF provides a technologically and clinically supported decision basis in a scenario where patients have to be prioritized

4 domains that map resources, symptom severity, functioning and sustaning factors.


20 subscales developed to draw attention to a dimensional understanding of suffering, risk and resource factors, as well as highlighting an action-oriented and user-adapted focus.


The sidebar provides additional information on suicidality, single scores, life events and more.


All items asked in the assessment and associated changes, together with descriptions of the subscale are available in the side panel.


Feedback from patient on alliance and treatment needs.


3 assessments are displayed: the initial assessment, previous assessment and current assessment.


The patient routinely answers questions related to suicidality.

What is Norse

Norse Mental Health and Substance Use is a research developed clinical feedbacksystem in use by public and private health organizations, that have received public acclaim and awards. This system is a holistic and personalized feedback tool, it does a wide assessesment of the patient’s condition. This dynamic feedback tool got it’s start through a research program that received 40 MNOK. Feedback received from patients and health personnel using this tool has been very positive. Norse Feedback AS is the company that delivers Norse Mental Health and Substance Use to a wide range of both private and public customers in the health sector. The platform is a digitally personalized system with emphasis on user friendliness and data security.

Contribution to national crisis management

  • In both private and public health there will be patients that have a need for monitoring by health personnel
  • Due to infection control measures more use of phone and video consulations will take place as well as strong prioritization on who gets help first
  • Norse Mental Health and Substance Use gives the patient an opportunity to communicate a wide range of clinially and other important information to their practititioner digitally
  • Norse Mental Health and Substance Use works well as a clinically backed tool for remote monitoring of patient’s mental health
  • Simple and user friendly technology, adapted to use on mobile and easy login are helpful features in a pandemic
  • Cloud based technology with a high security level can be deployed on short notice, or a solution where data is stored by using national IT resources

Norse Feedback has technical documentation that describes the solutions in detail and suggested solution can be immediately risk analysed. Norse Feedback is acutely aware that personally sensitive information must be kept secure. Therefore a robust architecture has been developed to keep everything secure.

Suggested workflow using Norse Mental Health and Substance Use in a pandemic situation
  • Health personnel logs on through a secure online solution
  • Registers patients names, social security number and phone number
  • Patient automatically receives a SMS with a unique URL for a personalized assessment
  • Report is instantly available for therapist or practitioner, together with an overview of which patient needs help the most
  • Health personnel can then prioritize phone or video consultations based on a complete overview over who of the patients needs the most help first

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